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Blog Like A Boss
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“I wish I knew how to get my knowledge out of my head and into a blog…”

Learn how to blog for your business.

Created just for business owners, this course has EVERYTHING you need to start your own blog – and only takes a few hours to complete!

If you know you need to blog but have no idea how to get started… this is the course for you.

Business Owners Turned Blogging Bosses…

This course is fantastic. I generally struggle to get ideas out of my head and into a well-written piece of writing. But this systematic, one step at a time approach helps you craft something to be proud of, without getting overwhelmed! Thanks Cindy!
Jacqui Lea

Gervaise Interiors

I was keen to start my own blogs for my business, but really needed some guidance and advice on where to start…
This course provided me with an excellent template which really helped provide the structure I needed to help develop my overall strategy and a format for writing my blogs.
Sharon Gleeson


I needed help with getting my ideas out of my head and in writing! This gave me the perfect guidance to confidently get started on my own!
Christine Thomas

Business Coach

What You’ll Learn…

Absolutely everything you need to start your own blog, from topic brainstorming to how to get it on “paper”. Everything is taught step by step, while you get to put it into practice.

We believe in practical, actionable information and ROI on your time!

By the end of the course, you’ll have written your first blog, and know exactly what to do to get the most out of it!


Topic Search

How to find relevant content your audience wants to know – and how to create topics from that knowledge locked in your head.

Schedule it Up!

We’ll create a blogging calendar so you know exactly what and when you are writing – and will actually implement what you learn!

Headlines + Blog Structure

Write headlines which catch attention, plus learn a simple way to map out your blog for easy writing every time. No more blank page syndrome!

Formatting + ROI

Keep your blogs readable and your readers engaged – and ways to reuse your content so you can get the most out of every blog.

Hi, I’m Cindy

Head Copywriter, Word Nerd and Blog Addict, I’ve used blogging to rank for some of the top keywords in my industry, make finding content for my social media channels easy and win clients because I look good online to my potential customers.

While I have many clients who pay me to blog for them, I realised many SMEs simply can’t afford to outsource or are desperate to be the author of their own blog…  they just don’t know how to get started.

So Blog Like a Boss was born. First I ran this as 1-on-1 sessions with clients – and it blew their minds! Then I decided to take it online…

Now all my knowledge, experience and easy-to-use strategies are packed into one easy online course that will have any business owner, from any industry, blogging in no time.

Happy Blogging!



Want to rank your website?

Blogging – An SEO Strategy that works!

Getting on page one of search engines is harder and harder… but quality content is the one thing Google will always give priority to.

  • SEO can cost upwards of 2k a month
  • Outsourcing your blogs? $500+ a month
  • Dodgy links to your website = 1k +
  • Social media content = 1.5k +

That’s a total cost of over 5k MONTHLY!

You can pay an SEO company to do mysterious SEO-things, or you can write your own blogs for content you KNOW is working for you.

In short. If you are creating regular, fresh content which offers real value to your audience – it will help you rank.


Your Investment

Want to get all of the above for less than 2 months’ worth of your daily coffee fix?

If you sit down with Cindy in a face-to-face blogging strategy session, you’ll pay $595 – but now you can get…

→ 6-months access to complete this course wherever, whenever you want

→ Downloadable Templates to use for the rest of your blogging life

→ Easy-to-implement blogging strategies used by the professionals

→ BONUS tips and tricks; from free image resources and keyword tools to how to find the trending topics in your industry

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