Ready for our 3 easily-digestible copywriting tips to add some flavour to your copy?

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When you don’t have long to convey the importance or value of a topic – use the old analogy trick. This gives the person reading an instant connection to a topic or an emotion, which helps them get your point quickly and keeps them engaged.


Our cleaning product is the best in the business

Just like Chuck Norris, our cleaning product is unbeatable.


Which one jumps out at you more? Everyone knows that Chuck Norris is considered the top dog – no one beats him. How many times have you heard ‘best in the business’ in someone’s website content or blogs and glossed right over it? By using an analogy instead, your readers know you are saying your product is the best in the business, but in a more fun and memorable way.


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No matter how great you are at writing, it can be easy to slip into a certain way of doing things. Often, if you know your topic really well, your brain fills in any missing information while writing so you think you have explained something clearly. But, when the person reading isn’t the expert you are, they don’t get the full picture. You are also familiar with the terms and buzzwords of your industry, but there is a high chance your readers aren’t.

You want all your copywriting, from website or to emails, to be engaging and informative – but don’t forget about simple.

Try to de-jargon whenever possible, use analogies as above to help convey more difficult concepts and get someone outside your industry to check what you write for readability.

Making your content understandable in no-way lessens your authority on the topic. Instead, it broadens your reach and increases your credibility – because now everyone out there can understand exactly how awesome you are!


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When you are trying to convey an emotion or feeling, or using a descriptive word, try words which are more emotionally-loaded and not the usual suspects.


Our customers love our product and you will too.

Obsessed with our product yet? You will be – just ask our customers!


That doesn’t just take it from generic to engaging, but also conveys that you have no doubt that this is an incredible product – you already know they’ll love it!

Try swapping words for their more descriptive and emotional counterparts – or use a saying or phrase instead.

Happy = Ecstatic. Fun = Barrel of Laughs. Calm = Zen. Unique = Broke-the-Mould.

Amazing = Extraordinary. Small = Bite-sized (see what we did there?)

You might feel a little audacious, or like you’re blowing your own trumpet, but hey, if you don’t love what you’re selling enough to call it extraordinary or worth obsessing over – maybe you need to fall in love with it again or find something else you can!

How’s that for bite-sized copywriting tips that pack a punch?!

We hope these snackable tips helped you take a different look at copywriting and will give you fresh eyes and ideas for the next time you put on your copywriting hat to tackle writing your website content or blogs.

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Happy Content Creating!