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About half of your visitors will only spend about 15 seconds on your website, so it’s super vital to show clearly how to get in touch.


Maybe it’s just microwave generation syndrome, but I get quickly frustrated if I can’t find contact details quickly on the websites I visit. A lot of the time I find myself clicking on a website for the sole purpose of grabbing the details I need to call them then and there. So when I have to click through a bunch of different pages and screens to find what I need, it can really de-motivate me to get in touch.

Your business has so much value to offer, let’s make sure that your potential clients can click and contact with ease – even if they only spend 10 seconds on your site!

How to DIY on a Word Press site.

It’s so quick and easy you can even login to your site now and just follow the steps below…

There are heaps of Plugins that are super easy to install and use, and from then on, the instant your details change you will know how to update them yourself which is a major advantage.

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-9-15-24-amHead to the Plugins bar on the left-hand side of your Dashboard and click on Add New.


You can search around to find one you like which is compatible with your version of Word Press, but just as an example, type in Speed Contact Bar and click Install.

Once that’s done, Activate and then click Settings. Here you enter in only the details you want to be seen, such as; Headline, Phone and any social media links you need, edit the appearance, and save changes.

Now you have a fully customisable bar across the top of your website.

There is also the option in Settings to give the bar a fixed position; as your visitor scrolls down the page, the contact bar comes with them. The numbers are also automatically set up as click and call, so when a visitor clicks it on their mobile, it will call instantly.

If you’re not the DIY type and have a web designer, (or plan on hiring one) they will probably suggest making this part of the design – but if they don’t, now you know to request it!


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