Or for an alternative headline…

Blogging – you can’t afford not to!


As a business owner you might think…

  • What’s the point of blogging?
  • Is blogging really worth my time/money?
  • Does blogging work for people in my industry?

The answers are yes, yes and heck yes!

What are the advantages to your business you ask?

Blogging is a simple and cost-effective way to do 3 EXTREMELY VALUABLE things…

  1. Increase Brand Authority

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You want people to view you and your brand as the authority on your industry. A brilliant way to do that is to provide relevant and valuable content that answers their questions and makes them view you as the go-to for what they need to know – when they need to know it.

This positions you as a business overflowing with knowledge and insight – making them feel that if they use your services or buy your product, they can trust it will be worth their money and of the highest quality.  After all, look at the treasure-trove of information your business gives away for free – imagine what the benefits of paying for your services must be like!


  1. Create SEO + Marketing Gold

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As a business owner you tend to spend large on marketing, trying to rank up your business online and get your name out there. But have you thought about blogging as a strategy? If you invest in a regular blog it does a few things for you….


  • Provides fresh + consistent content which Google LOVES – helping you rank up
  • Increases traffic to your website by adding heaps of longtail* and varied keywords to your site
  • Gives you content to share across all your online platforms – increasing brand recognition + authority
  • Loads your website with quality content – another thing Google is fond of
  • It is shareable, meaning if people find it valuable they will share it – for free! – across their own online channels. Aka doubling your marketing for nothing!


Let me ask you, how many times do you personally Google questions before buying? Questions like, “Why do I need a copywriter?”, “Good professional copywriters for website content” or “I need a creative copywriter in Perth”. See what I did there? I just inserted good longtail* keywords for my business COMPLETELY organically into this blog post.

And if you do this for your own business you are consistently adding good keywords to your website with every blog. Let’s face it, if someone is asking these questions, they are your target customer, they are looking to buy, and you can catch them in that moment, answer their question and direct them to your site. Gold.


  1. Connect + Build Relationships with your Audience

copywriter perth, creative copywriter

A big part of successful business branding is visibility and engagement, and both help to build trust with your audience. The more they see and hear you, the more they feel they know you and then the closer you are to the front of their minds when it comes time to buy!

Regularly sharing blogs means you are constantly talking to them, answering their questions, sharing your knowledge and generally being approachable. They also get a sense of the personality of the people behind the brand; you can slip in your values, personal anecdotes, past stories of clients you have helped…the possibilities are endless!

So there you have it!

Blogging creates many extra benefits for your business with just a little bit of investment required.

As a marketing and SEO strategy it is invaluable and we recommend it to all our clients –  almost regardless of industry – as there is always someone out there who has questions which if your business can answer, creates a relationship and then makes you the trusted choice for buying!


So why should you blog as a business? Well why WOULDN’T you? Go on, get one started today!


If the idea of managing a blog along with the rest of your business to-do list stresses you out, get in touch with our copywriting + blogging experts or, book in for a blogging strategy session with one of our experts to learn how to DIY effectively -and with maximum ROI!

*longtail – longer and more specific keyword phrases that your target audience are more likely to use when they’re doing research aka. getting closer to making a purchasing decision.