Fair question.


If you break it down, copywriting is just the writing of words, aka. copy. And that copy is made up of words about YOUR business. Who could describe the wonderful things about your business-baby better than you? Who does this copy-person think they are?!

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Just a couple of questions first…

  • Do you read through your website and think, “That just doesn’t sound like me!”?
  • Do you spend hours on a single paragraph but still can’t get your point across?
  • Do you want to have a higher chance of conversion?
  • Do you have a head full of words but only ever a blank page?
  • Are you strapped for time and resent all the wordy things you have to do?

If any of those sound familiar – let’s talk!

You started your business because you believe in what you can offer – and you want people to know about it!

But just like you outsource your bookkeeping or taxes because time and willpower are not on your side – it makes sense to pass on the wordy stuff to someone who gets it, and can free you up to focus on the things you are the best at!

A copywriter will have a brief of targeted questions to ask, chat with you for a while and will soon be able to really get a grasp on your business and you, the person behind it. And words are kinda their thing. So with the right info, they can make sure that it’s the essence of you that comes across.

People only have time for a whiff of you anyway, be it scanning your website or checking out a couple of posts on Facebook, and a copywriter’s job is to make sure that one whiff is all it takes for them to decide on you!