Email Marketing – how to write a great email that works.

How many emails do you receive a day?

The average office worker receives around 121 emails per day – so I don’t even want to know how many an average business owner receives…

Around 50% of those are spam or marketing emails, so we are very used to being sold to.

With all that being said; email marketing is still one of the best – and most cost-effective – ways to stay on the radar of your audience and database.

Those stats simply reinforce how important it is to get the basics right when it comes to writing an email to nurture or sell to your database.

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Let’s see what our copywriters have to say about how to produce great marketing emails:


  1. Keep your headlines straightforward. Aka; make sure it’s not over-salesy! Be clear about what is inside so they can make up their minds if it’s relevant to them.

Top Tip – Personalise it! Use the merge tags to include the first name of the contact in the subject line – MailChimp statistics show it increases open rates!


  1. Use images married to great headlines! It’s no secret that beautiful imagery catches attention. Include images and accent them with punchy statements, clear offers and targeted questions to grab attention.


  1. Keep your message clear. Make sure your email has a clear focus and is reinforced in the subject, headline, and CTA.


  1. Be brief. The average time spent on an email is 11 seconds – so keep the important information and calls to action short, sweet and eye-catching! Simplify as much as possible – if it isn’t vital to the main message, cut it.


  1. Format. Break up the information into clearly headlined bullet points and lists and use those stunning images to pull their eye. Leave room between the sentences – hello clean white space – and make the most important information the first thing they see.

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  1. Use Calls to Action! Keep them short, in active voice and be 100% clear about what you want them to do – book now, sign up, visit our website, etc. and use obvious buttons and links to make it easy for them to act.

If you have a database, emails are an important tool in your marketing toolbox.

Staying front of mind and regularly reminding your contacts about what you do and how you help means that you are much more likely to come to mind when they are ready to buy!

However – do NOT contribute to the spam that is out there. Make sure every email is relevant and of value, so they aren’t tempted to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button!

Did you know we offer email writing services?

If you haven’t talked to your database for a while – or ever – get in touch and we’ll craft a one-off or ongoing email campaign to help you reach out to your customers.