Did you know that there are two main ‘types’ of copywriters out there?

You might be thinking, “But I just need someone to write stuff for my business?”

But what type of stuff? You want to find the best person for your job, and there is a big difference between what a technical copywriter can do for your business compared to the kind of services a creative copywriter can offer.


Let us break it down for you so you can make the right choice…

Do you need marketing copy?

You need a creative copywriter.

A creative copywriter is all about writing copy that sells and promotes your brand, and engages with potential customers.

Whether you need converting words for your website, a personality-driven company statement or personal profile, blogs or any other copy that will work as marketing for your brand – that’s where their expertise lies.

A creative copywriter is the ‘salesperson’ for your brand when it comes to the written aspects of your marketing efforts – both online and off.

They will have a good understanding of the psychology behind a customer’s buying decisions, as well as the ability to step into the shoes of you and your business to represent you accurately through the ‘tone’ and content they create.

So if you want words that will educate, engage and convert potential customers – find a creative copywriter.


Do you need technical, information-driven copy?

A technical writer is the copywriter you need.

Technical writers can handle all the process and procedure documentation you need to explain to employees and customers the ‘how to use’ side of a product or service.

If you need user guides, manuals or policies and procedures, that is where a technical writer will know how to get the correct information across. They are the experts in outlining it in a way that will help your reader or user know how it works and what to do.

They are facts and data people and often specialise or niche into certain industries where they have the in-depth knowledge needed to write the required technical documentation; e.g. medical, manufacturing or software development.

While some copywriters will do both, you’ll find that most professional copywriters will specialise in either the creative or technical side, preferring to do what they do best.

It takes a certain kind of experience and personality to be able to write either style of copy well, and with our experience in marketing, customer psychology and love of really diving into what makes a brand unique… can you guess which one we specialise in?

At Hats Off Copywriting, we are all about that juicy, personality-packed sales and marketing copy – that is where our focus and expertise has always been, and we are very happy to leave the technical stuff to others!

So, if you need sales and marketing copy for your website, blogs, social media or more, get in touch to chat about your project – it would be our pleasure to help!