We would love to personally chat with you and answer any questions you have, but for those who prefer a good data-gathering session before speaking to someone, we have complied a list of frequently asked questions we hope will help!

How will a Copywriter write about my business better than I can?

Having an amazing business doesn’t guarantee you can convey it’s amazing-ness to others, but luckily that’s what outsourcing is for! Copywriters are a funny bunch who actually enjoy stringing bunches of words together to craft something awesome & engaging. And we love it! It’s the best feeling to have a client say – “That sounds just like me and has really captured the essence of my business!”.

A copywriter offers an outside perspective and will ask a bunch of targeted questions to really get their head around the who, what and why’s of your business, and then turn that info into words that connect with your target audience. Not being in your specific industry isn’t a problem – you supply the facts, we flesh it out and add the creative flair, then you get to review the drafts and make sure you love it before we sign off. Too easy!

What is a Copywriter anyway?

Well first off we don’t grant the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that… $$$$

Copywriters use words to authentically and creatively tell the stories of businesses we work with, in their content, on their social media and through anything they use to promote or advertise their business. Nowadays your website is the ‘front door’ to your business – often the main way to attract and build trust with your potential clients – and grammatical errors or run-of-the-mill content are massive turnoffs to your visitors. Investing in some quality creative copywriting is a valuable way to ensure that people who come to your site don’t leave 8 seconds later – it happens more than you would think!

Side note. You might also know us by our other names;

– Content Creator
– Word Nerd
– Content Writer
– Copy Crafter
– Content Generator
– Copy Creation Guru
– Wordsmith and more…

Can I write something myself and ask you to edit it?

Absolutely! But we have to be honest, how well it is written determines whether or not a simple edit will be all you need to make it the awesome content you are looking for. It can act as a fabulous guideline for us to create something totally new, but usually just answering the questions we initially ask are just as much help – and mean less work for you!

We happily edit existing website content and sometimes that does work out cheaper, but often we’ll have to start from scratch as things have probably changed; your target market might be more specific, your business has a new focus or the copy just isn’t salvageable… Sorry guys but honesty is the best policy. The goal is to make your content as attractive and engaging as possible – not ‘Oh well, that will do the job’! Check here for more website content info…

Do you offer Social Media Management packages?

We sure do! We have a few package options here to give you a taste of what we offer, but we are more than happy to tailor one to suit as we know one size doesn’t really fit all when it comes to each individual business!

Do you supply the images for Social Media or do I have to?

Social Media (especially Instagram) has become such a personal thing, almost a behind-the-scenes for a brand as much as a promotion tool, that using stock images just doesn’t cut it anymore. We recommend regularly investing in a good photographer to get beautiful high quality images of your products and place of business to share across your social platforms.

Then you upload them to a Dropbox and we do the rest. Your images can be supplemented by sharing relevant images from other businesses – good for supporting them and sharing audiences – and we are able to create quote or text images personalised to your brand as well. Give us a call and we can talk through what will work best for you!

How do you charge for services?

First up, we 100% believe you get what you pay for and we aren’t here to offer a cheap out-sourced service. You, our lovely business-owner, get our un-divided attention and expertise. We’re not a word-factory, we are a word service.

Back to pricing. Mostly we run on package-based prices – you tell us what you are needing and we will quote an individual price based on exactly what you require. No two clients are the same so we are careful to keep that in mind and not assume one blanket service + price will suit everyone! We have examples on our Website Content page + Social Media Management page so you can begin to get an idea… but whatever your budget it’s worth giving us a call as we can almost always figure out something to suit!

How will you run my social media for me?

You know who you are marketing to, what you want to promote and what your business is offering – we simply take it off your hands and make sure you are regularly connecting with your audience. Social platforms are vital to the health of most businesses and having yours running with regular valuable content is a massive marketing and brand positioning advantage! Think of us as your marketing strategy implementer – you supply the info, materials, photos etc. and we organise it, write snappy headlines + content and schedule it up so you have time for everything else! You’ll be amazed at how much time and brain space this will free up!

Can I work with Hats Off Copywriters without being in Perth?

Of course! We love a good face-to-face as much as anybody, but Skype is the next best thing. A lot can be done over phone and email as well in terms of getting to know you and your business – we have done it very successfully many times, so if you’re not physically in Perth it’s no problemo!

What should I know before hiring a Copywriter?

Your business – inside + out! What is your mission, who are your target audience, how do you want to position your business, what makes you stand out from your competitors and all those other little details that help us build the full, beautiful picture of your business.

These are some of the questions you will be asked before any copywriter attempts to write in your ‘voice’ to your audience – they have to get inside your head so be prepared to spill the beans!

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