Once you’ve spent your valuable time creating a blog post, you want to get the most use out of it possible. After all – your time is money!

Here are our top 5 ways to re-use that stellar content you lovingly crafted throughout your business marketing…


  1. Social Media Snaps

Have you written a ‘top tips’ article? Grab one of those tips + a great image and use that as a post on your FB or LinkedIn. Better yet, use all the tips in that blog over a series of posts – you now have 5 weeks’ worth of ‘tip Tuesday’ posts. Go you!

  1. Mail Outs

Do you have email nurture campaigns or send out a monthly newsletter? Add in a link to your blog, or snag a useful soundbite from the post and add a link so they can “head to the full blog to read more…”.

  1. Script It

Consider what you have written as a script and use your blog content to create a video for your website or FB lives. Many people prefer watching a video to reading – and video is an amazing tool for marketing so give it a go!

  1. Spamalot

Do you have social media? Blogs can be posted on everything from Facebook and LinkedIn to Google My Business and Pinterest, so make sure you don’t just upload it to your website and leave it there.

  1. Save Time

Do you get asked certain questions in your client conversations over and over? Write a blog about it and keep the link somewhere handy. Next time someone asks you that question, just send them the link! Saves your time and sends that person to your website – double-whammy.

copywriter perth, copywriting perth TIP. If you struggle to find topics to write about which are relevant and offer value to your readers – we wrote a blog about it here.

There is no reason you can’t squeeze every drop of value possible out of every blog you write. And once you see how useful one blog can be, it increases motivation to write more – which is only going to do great things for your business!

If you are not sure how this whole blogging thing works and want to learn how to blog effectively for your business – book in a blogging strategy session with one of our blog and copywriting experts!

We love blogs, so if you are over the whole blogging thing, give us a call and our copywriters will be more than happy to wear the blogging hat for your business.

Happy Blogging!