If your business is one of the many which has slowed down, or maybe even been forced to push pause, there are still many ways to ‘redeem the time’ and keep building your online presence and give your business the best chance of getting through this time.

In saying that, be kind to yourself. Don’t become a hermit-like workaholic. Take walks, bake tasty things, watch old movies, have online chats with family and friends and enjoy a little bit of downtime if you can.

It’s all about balance right now – being productive is a good feeling, and so is enjoying a break. 

So, for those times when you want to be productive and keep doing the things that will help your business emerge stronger – here are 4 ways to improve your online presence and not break the bank! 

  1. Write Blogs

Blogs are an awesome way to share value with your customers, stay front-of-mind and build the organic SEO of your website. 

If you or your staff have free time right now, creating a ‘bank’ of blogs that you can schedule up for regular website and shareable content that Google loves will go a long way to helping you come out the other side of this with improved rankings!

Your customers will also appreciate that you have continued to offer them free and valuable tips, advice and entertainment during this time – so they will remember you when you are up and running again.

Need help to come up with the right topics? Check out our blog here with tips on all things blogging, or learn how to DIY like a pro with our online course, Blog Like A Boss!

2. Create Case Studies

 You might not be working right now, but you will have many completed projects or client stories that you can use to create case studies to share online, boost your credibility and showcase just how great it is to work with you and your business!

Humans love stories, so when we can read what you have done for other customers, it helps us know and trust you more, and see exactly what it would look like if we chose to work with you.  

These can be used as social media posts or featured on your website on a case study/our work page, or even posted as blogs. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, read our blog on how to create a case study.

3. Create a ‘Copywriting File’

This is a handy folder which holds all sorts of gold nuggets for your business, from blog topics to great headlines or marketing ideas, along with your customer avatar so you always know who you are talking to!

Once you get busy again, this will help make marketing and writing for your business easier, so you can spend less time staring at a blank page and more time writing.

It also helps to make sure everything stays on brand when handing over the writing or marketing work to a staff member or freelancer. 

Read here for more information on how to create your own copywriting file here .

4. Keep Networking!

Now is the time to stay connected with other business owners and to continue creating strategic partnerships. We will always need relationships to succeed – both now and in the future!

Many networking groups have moved online and are free to visit, so find out what is available and get involved! If you only service clients locally, there will be a BNI in your area, or if you can work with clients anywhere, Bx Networking is a great option to build partnerships with other business owners in your space. 

Networking has never been easier – you can even do it in your trackies or PJ pants and BYO snacks 😉

Make the most of any extra free time you have right now by;

  1. doing the things that make you happy AND,
  2. continuing to build your business so you can hit the ground running when we are out the other side and have found a new normal.

Stay safe, stay connected and stay positive – we are going to make it through this!