When was the last time you featured a case study on your website or in your marketing to build trust?

There is no better way to show your audience how what you do helps your customers – than tell them the story of a real-life customer.  

Great copy and effective marketing is all about telling a story and showing the benefits of what you do. And an easy way to do that is to feature it in action with a case study, or ‘success story’.

Think about your favourite customers and all the times your service or offering has really made a difference and saved them money, time or improved their health, and all those jobs where you went above and beyond.

Each of those stories are invaluable to:

  • Show what you do in action
  • Demonstrate your customer service
  • Build trust
  • Make them see you are a real business, helping real peoplekitten playing horn copywriting perth

All of this blows your horn – without you looking like you are talking yourself up. After all, it actually happened!

Here is a basic outline for shaping your customer experiences into a story.

1. The Problem.

What is the situation/need of the customer – why did they come to you?

2. The Solution.

Why does what you do solve their need? What made you the best fit for them and why did they decide to choose you?

3. The Challenge.

Where there any challenges you had to overcome, did you have to go the extra mile or did you have to fix an unexpected issue while delivering their service?

4. The Outcome.

Tell us about the amazing impact what you offered has had on their lives or their business. What did they have to say about it? Will they use you again? Include a verbatim testimonial or photos if you can.

 Let’s see this in action using one of our own case studies…

(Her name has been changed because she hasn’t launched yet – and we don’t want to be the ones to break her news! We’ll update the blog when we can.)

  1. Emily had spent untold hours writing the copy for her new website – and somehow ended up with 15 pages of words she didn’t even like! She couldn’t figure out how to sum up what she did clearly, or what needed to be included – and it didn’t even sound like her!

2. She was talking to her website designer about how hard writing copy was and he recommended Hats Off Copywriting. She was nervous about working with us because she’d never used a copywriter and just didn’t see how we could actually write for her without even being in her industry. But we offered exactly what she needed and could help her get her website launched on time so, after a chat, Emily decided we were the right fit.

3.  As this was the launch of her new business, Emily found it quite hard to communicate to us how she wanted to position her brand – as she hadn’t quite decided that herself! Cindy, our head copywriter, had a copy consult with her to unpack what she offered and help her figure out what we needed to cover in her website.

4. After one false start (pre copy consult), we managed to capture exactly what she was hoping for, and she had clarity behind how to position herself and communicate what she did to her target audience. Emily is beyond happy with how her website copy has turned out and gave us a review that made our day!

We know you have countless stories just like ours you can use to show potential customers just how wonderful it is to work with you. Now it’s time to share them with the world!

We can’t wait to read them.

If you are struggling to ‘blow your own horn’ – even through a true story – get in touch so we can help you shout your value from the rooftops!