If you are a service-based business, you’ll need to add your services to your website so people can see what you, how you do it and, ultimately, decide that you are the right business to do it for them! Just to clarify, writing for a services page is very different to how you would write a product description – this blog is specifically about how to write for your website pages if you are a service-driven business. Whether you are offering plumbing, personal-training, curtain-hanging or copywriting services, there is certain information every potential customer is looking for from a service page that you need to provide. This page helps them make that crucial decision to call or book your services – so getting it right is key to having a high-converting website! Here are the 6 most important elements to include on your service page/s to turn your visitors into calling, booking or enquiring customers! For the purpose of making this easy to understand and implement, we are going to refer to each point of important information as a “section”. While every service page will be different, and you might want to change the order of your own sections, this should give you a good idea of what else you can include and what might be missing on your current pages! Grab a piece of paper and scribble down each section as we go to help you “map” out your own service page…  Section 1 – The Hook This is a short and sweet intro section with a great headline to grab the attention of the reader and make them think, “Yes, this is for me!”. Write up an overview of what this service offers, why it’s so important, and what is so unique about what you do. For example, we wrote this intro for a recent client’s ‘Plumbing’ service page:
Honest, expert service when you need it most. Think of the plumbing in your home like the body – with expert, regular maintenance, you can ensure it has a long lifespan and saves you money by working more efficiently. That’s where we come in. At HouseWorks, our plumbers have the experience to find and fix any issue you might encounter when it comes to your plumbing. Whether it’s troubleshooting problems with leaking taps, clearing blocked drains or educating you on preventive measures to minimise future problems – we are here to help.
We’ve used an analogy to explain the importance of getting an expert in to help you – rather than DIY – and given an overview of the services the company offers when it comes to plumbing. Even if they don’t read more, they have a clear understanding of what you offer and the benefits of this service.
Section 2 – Pain & Pleasure Points What problems (pain) do you solve for people with this service? And what solutions and benefits (pleasure) do you provide? Do you save them time and money? Do you prevent bigger problems from arising in future? Do you give them more time with family, reduced stress or increased energy? Be as specific as you can to showcase that you understand what they really need and are here to solve their problems and make their lives better! For example, from a client’s Speech & Language Coaching service page:
Section 3 – The Facts This is where you make sure you tell the reader what you do, who you do it for, etc. Bullet points or columns are a great way to make this information scannable, so make sure you are breaking up the text using formatting and images. – List your services within this service. While our service page title might be ‘Copywriting’, within that service we offer blogs, email marketing, website copy, LinkedIn profiles, brochures… you get the picture.  – Tell them who you work with.  E.g. We specialise in:
  • Strata Properties 
  • Shop and Office Fit-outs
  • Medical Clinics – Doctor, Dental, Vet. 
  • Aged Care
– Advertise your bonuses/offers/inclusions/USPs. If you are a personal trainer, tell them if every session includes a bottle of water, weekly at-home stretching videos, discounted coffee from the cafe next door, etc. Or, do you offer free callouts and up-front quotes, 12-month guarantees, 24-hour emergency callouts, and licensed and insured technicians?
Section 4 – How does it work? This could be a paragraph explaining what happens when the technicians arrive or when you show up for your workout, or a more visual ‘Step 1, 2 and 3’, but the goal is to unpack what happens if they do book you in.  Does the process begin with booking a phone consultation, then you provide a design/quote, then finally they will have the work delivered in 2-3 weeks? Remove the mystery and tell them what they get, how it works and how easy/effective your service is! For example, from a client’s HR Discovery Session page:
Section 5 – Social Proof Do you hold specific licences/certifications in order to offer this service? Are you award-winning? Do you have amazing testimonials that specifically mention a customer’s happiness at using this service? Have you worked with high-profile clients/businesses? Add in their logos to show your capabilities! Anyone can type that they are amazing, so it’s important to add in a section that proves other people think so as well – giving you the credibility to make those bold statements!
Section 6 – Call To Action! Top tip – don’t forget to include a compelling call to action on every page! Make sure they don’t need to leave this page in order to book, call, enquire or claim a discount or offer.  If it’s a big ask to get them to buy immediately, think of how you can offer something in order to get their details now – so you can nurture the relationship until they are ready to take action. For example, we have added this contact form into our ‘Blogging’ service page so it’s super easy for them to enquie without leaving the page:

Are your current service pages ticking all the above boxes? 

Have you spotted a section or two that might increase your conversions if you added them in? Hopefully, this has made you look at your service pages with new eyes and given you a kick-start to rewriting them into pages that will convert your website visitors!

Can we help?

If you want to rework your service page/s but want to hand it over the professionals – we’d be more than happy to help.