You may have realised by now, but we are huge advocates of businesses having a blog


Do you have a website for your business?

Do you want customers to:

– Find you online?

– View you as an industry expert?

– Share your business with others?

Then you need a regular content strategy; otherwise known as a blog!

We have written many blogs about blogging, so we wanted to compile all the blogs we think have the most relevant and helpful information to help you get blogging for your own business!

 How to Find Great Blog Topics for Your Business

This is the best place to start. When you know how to choose relevant topics that your ideal customers will find valuable, you will get the best SEO bang for your buck, and help avoid staring at a blank page while you try to think of something to say!

It might even help you look at topic research in another way to spark even better content ideas!

The Art of Writing Good Headlines

Headlines get you and your blogs noticed. Here is one we wrote on different ways to create headlines that pop and help increase your chances of clickers and readers!

 Easy on the Eye – Formatting your Copy for Maximum Impact

No matter how great your content – if it isn’t formatted in a way that is easy on the eye your readers will struggle to get through it. Here are 6 ways to format your content for easy reading.

How to Squeeze Value Out of Every Blog Post

Once you have started blogging, you want to make sure you know how to use every bit of content you create as much as possible!

Write it once – use it multiple times. Then you get the most ROI from your time and effort.


If you are spending thousands a month on Google Ads and other paid website traffic, blogging is a proven way to build the organic SEO of your website, so you can spend less on Ads and enjoy more people finding you from organic search results!


Want to learn all you need to know about blogging for your business?

Check out our online course – Blog Like A Boss to get all the information, training, templates and tips you need to get started in just a few hours!