What NOT to do when buying your first home

How to SUCCEED when investing in your first home

If you were looking to buy your first home, which of those headlines would motivate you to click or read?

Every decision we make or action we take as humans is motivated by either pain or pleasure. A VERY helpful trick to know when marketing your business, including when writing your website copy or headlines.

So what motivates you? Pain or pleasure?

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People motivated by pain are always looking to move away from pain. Telling them the specifics of what they might encounter if they don’t ‘read this’ or ‘buy that’, is a great way to get their attention.

People motivated by pleasure are attracted to the benefits of something. Telling them how amazing their lives will be if they ‘do this’, or focusing on the instant and future benefits of an action or purchase will peak their interest.

In general, we all want to move away from pain, but each person will have a stronger motivator out of pain or pleasure.

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Your audience or website visitors will be a range of both, so keep that in mind when writing your content and list both pain points and benefits for every service you offer.

A few punchy headlines on your home or landing page will help generate some interest right off the bat – have a read here for how to add some kick to your headlines.

We Love Microwaves

If it’s instant – we want it.

Something we can all agree on is that we want to avoid immediate pain – and that’s a much bigger motivator than gaining immediate pleasure.

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If someone tries to sell you an umbrella when it’s pouring and you are wearing your favourite outfit – it’s an easy sell. It’s worth the cost when it instantly saves you from ruining your outfit and your day.

Or in higher stakes, imagine holding a bar of gold but you have a bear running towards you – what’s the bet the majority of us would instantly choose to drop the gold and run for our lives?

If you can offer someone an instant way to relieve a pain point or problem, it’s a pretty powerful way to motivate them to action.

Test Your Copy

Take a second now and look through the last few blogs you have written or scan through your website content – especially headlines and service pages.

What motivators have you used?

Have you used any?

Can you tweak your headlines to offer pleasure or highlight pain?

Using this as a technique in your copywriting and marketing is a sure way to spice up your content and incentivise your audience to fill in that contact form or pick up the phone.

Have a read through our copywriting blog for more copy tips and tricks – or get in touch if you need some help spicing up your website content or other wordy business things.