Website & Marketing Review

Time for a Health Check

Not sure if your website is working for you?

Spending money on SEO and other marketing avenues but seeing no return?

It can be hard to know where to begin and what you need when it comes to your online presence… 

Do you need a new website design?

Should you spend money on SEO?

Do you need a complete do-over?

Before you commit precious money and time, book in a strategy session with one of our copywriters and marketing experts.

If you were getting a landscape design you wouldn’t rush into it, you would have a professional come and view your space, talk through ideas, discuss budget, offer solutions and provide expert advice. In the same way, a review helps you know you will make the right decisions for your business – before you spend your hard-earned cash.

In your one-on-one session* we will review:
  • Your Website 

    – Website Copy

    – Layout & Formatting

    – Customer Journey

    – Overall Structure + Design

    – Brand Consistency

  • Your Marketing Strategies

    – What’s working

    – Where your traffic is coming from

    – Advice on marketing strategies to implement

 leave with a clear idea of what to do next – and where you should put your money and time.

Only $495 for professional advice + clarity

 *Via Skype or in-person in the Fremantle Area

How it works

  1. You send us your website and business profile so we can review it prior to meeting.
  2. We meet for 1 hr, one-on-one marketing review to talk you through our advice for your website and discuss strategies for business growth.
  3. We send you through our report and detail advice and action steps for you to implement.
  4. We book in a follow-up call for accountability to ensure you are making progress.
How You Benefit
Save $$$

There is a lot you can do without spending big bucks, so we offer suggestions for what you can do now (often even for free), and what you should look at investing in to get the most out of your marketing.

Get The Most From Your Investment

We meet with clients all the time who think just by adding our words, their website or marketing materials will perform better – but if the website is confusing and tricky to navigate, or you are marketing to the wrong audience, our words can’t save you. No matter how shiny and compelling, you won’t get the most out of your investment in our copywriting if everything isn’t working together with a clear purpose.


You will leave with clear action steps and professional advice on what to implement and what to prioritise. You could go to 10 different people or sign up to a full-time marketing course – or just have one session with us. You are the expert in your field, we want to use our expertise to make your marketing and website effective for you.

Book in a marketing and website review with us, pick our brains and get the tools you need to grow your business!

Let's Get Started!

15 + 10 =

We’ve got your back

We would need more hands to count the number of people who have come to us after spending big bucks on marketing and website services it turns out they didn’t need.

If we find you need our copywriting help, brilliant. We will make that happen. If you need to implement other strategies, we will talk you through how to do it or suggest who we know and trust to assist you.