Who We Are

We are word people!

 At Hats Off, we believe your business’s story should be told with authenticity and personality!

Our goal is to get to know YOU – the person behind the brand– so we can create engaging, entertaining content that gives you the ability to connect with your customers.

The “Hats Off” business idea was a natural name as we know how many hats people wear when creating and running a business. Given our love of words, content, and all things digital, Hats Off Copywriting loves to wear all the writing, editing, and content creation hats necessary to make you, your business and brand stand out!

Our love of words started back with schoolwork, writing for  newspapers, magazines and even into television and live feeds online. Therefore, we have the experience to help you in the world of business marketing, brand vision and all things copywriting!

We love meeting new clients and helping businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries with words that work!

Hats Off is based in Perth and Sydney, but we offer our copywriting, blogging, editing & social media services Australia-wide!

Meet Cindy – Founder and Word Hat Wearer

I decided to combine my inner word-nerd and marketing background, and Hats Off was born! My sweet-spot is applying both these skills to businesses, making sure my words fit your brand and will help you make the most of your marketing! It’s all about that tasty ROI.

When not at my computer, I will probably be off doing something musical – I’m a trained singer and theatre fanatic! Committed to ethical living, you’ll find me op-shopping, eating fair-trade choc and buying local at the weekend markets.

Karen Doane writer copywriter

Meet Karen – Owner and Word Hat Wearer

 I’ve been a writer and certified word nerd for as long as I can remember. From primary school to graduating from university with honours in Journalism/PR/Communications, I’ve always been a lover of writing, editing and creating visual content. In fact, these practiced and refined talents have given me opportunities to work all over the world.

My sweet-spot is applying SEO keywords, editing AI concept, brand tone of voice and blending them all together for a perfect visual content.

Lucky me!

Speaking of lucky, I have lived in the “lucky country” of Australia for 20 years now. Living in Australia has allowed me to write brand and business stories for everyone from multinational corporations, ghostwriting for global influencers, and my personal passion of creating brands and copywriting for homegrown businesses.

When not at my computer, I will probably be off flying my paraglider up in the clouds or bushwalking and camping once I’ve landed. Oh, and since I once lived in Hawaii and California, if there is a beach and ocean, I’ll be surfing or sailing there, too! 

Why 'Hats Off'?

We can all agree that business owners wear too many hats! The ‘Word Hat’ is something many business owners wear, probably shouldn’t and definitely don’t have time for. We started Hats Off Copywriting because we love writing words that make businesses sound awesome – and gets them the return on investment they deserve from their marketing and website.

Good copy builds good businesses

There is nothing better than when we build relationships with clients, really get an idea of who they are, and then translate that into engaging content which taps into what they and their business are really about. Then we can walk away knowing that our words are going to work for your business, connect with your customers and help you grow.
That’s a good day at the office!

We Value...

Impact is important to us

  We are determined to play our part as a business in helping the world become a more ethical and sustainable place.  

How do we do that?

We bank responsibly with Bank Australia and use Australian Ethical for our Superannuation fund.
We believe our money should be invested in good stuff like renewable energy, education and community projects, and not in things like fossil fuels, exploitation and human rights abuses. It’s heavy stuff, but we all need to entrust our money somewhere, so knowing it’s being invested into worthy causes is a weight off our mind – especially since the only other alternative is under the mattress and that just doesn’t cut it nowadays!
We donate to causes that are close to our hearts.

Hats Off support education rights for children worldwide, fair trade and ethical
manufacturing of all products from clothing to food, and equal rights and treatment of all humans, every kind, everywhere.


We Support:
We use recycled and sustainable products whenever we can – like in our business cards.

In short, we try to make educated life and business choices that are good for people and the planet. Because it’s worth trying to make a difference…

So, if we sound like the right people for your business and all its copywriting and creative, wordy needs – we want to meet you too!
… or look through our services to see how we can help.